Free computer hardware tutorials

About This Site

Welcome to our free online computer hardware classroom!

We've put together this collection of computer hardware tutorials to help beginners feel more confident around computers and to help certification candidates pass their CompTIA A+ exams.

Computers are like cars - they are made up of many parts, each doing its own thing to make the system function as a whole. Our free tutorials go under the hood to explain what these parts are and what they do.

To get started, use the tutorial menu on the left side of the page or read more about our tutorial categories below.
  • A+ Certification - Offers an introduction to CompTIA's A+ entry level computer certification.
  • Computer Cases - Covers the various types of computer cases and their features.
  • Power Supplies - Provides an introduction to desktop power supplies and installation instructions.
  • Motherboards - Explains form factors, chipsets, bus speeds and more with installation instructions.
  • CPUs - Covers the various computer processor types and speeds with installation instructions.
  • Memory - Explores the various types of computer memory and includes an installation tutorial.
  • Hard Drives - A look at types of hard drives and includes installation and partitioning tutorials.
  • CD and DVD - Information about optical drives with an installation tutorial.
  • Ports - An introduction to common computer ports such as USB.
  • Sound - Provides an in-depth look at computer audio.
  • Video - An in-depth tutorial covering computer video options and components.
  • PCI vs PCIe - Shows the differences between PCI and PCI Express expansion slots and cards.
  • UPS - A brief introduction to uninterruptible power supplies.
  • Buying a PC or Laptop - A short guide to help you determine what type of computer to purchase.
  • Building a PC - A series of step-by-step tutorials that explain how to build a PC.
  • Operating Systems - A general introduction to the role and features of operating systems.
  • Basic Troubleshooting - Provides solutions for common computer issues.
  • The Printing Process - Learn about laser and inkjet printers.
  • Binary and Hexidecimal - Learn how to convert binary and hexidecimal.